What is Amazon Web Services (AWS) ?

The stupendous growth of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2015 is a clear sign that cloud architecture and data warehousing is the best way to lower infrastructure costs and allow enterprises to make technology investments that provide rapid results. A gargantuan challenge was solved by AWS when it created a suite of tools to allow companies that are already sitting on large amounts of data, to be able to manage, retrieve and leverage them for sensible business insights. With its suite of cloud data management solutions, AWS has, as marketing and technology connoisseur Tom Craig puts it, built a stairway to heaven and turned it into an escalator on the same day. In this blog post we discuss career progression with AWS certification.

AWS Certification Career Opportunities

Larger enterprises that need specific cloud-based skills are usually committed to solutions from specific service providers like AWS. Enterprises of this nature have a variety of skills, that get updated from time to time. The end of 2015 saw a move towards Container and Docker technology, which amplified the demand for skills around container-based portable application building. Docker container technology is widely adopted in many enterprises, making it a highly sought-after skill, in addition to container-clustering technologies.

Cloud backup and disaster recovery is another lucrative part of cloud computing adoption by many enterprises. This is because cloud backup is not only cheaper, it also gives higher availability with ease, which makes it a chosen solution for global enterprises.

Cloud architects are also in demand since they define a business’s cloud requirements. Encompassing everything from requirement mapping to the actual deployment, cloud architect job openings are available with companies that haven’t yet implemented cloud solutions, or wish to change service providers.

AWS Certification Job Profiles

The rise of cloud computing technologies has opened up a Pandora’s box for IT professionals with the technical skills and expertise to create, deploy and manage applications on Amazon Web Services. AWS certification is the key to these AWS career opportunities. AWS certification exams are offered in multiple languages at testing centers around the world.

At the end of 2015, there were 3.9 million jobs associated with cloud computing, with 3,84500 of them around pure IT. A huge chunk of these jobs are around AWS. Typical AWS job positions include ‘cloud solutions architect’, ‘AWS architect’, with varying degrees of seniority coming with slightly different job titles.

Average Salary with AWS Certification

According to, the median salary in Bangalore is Rs. 397,015 for professional with AWS certification and one-year of work experience. It is the telecom industry that pays the highest for AWS certified professionals (Rs. 424,266) and consequently offers the largest percentage of AWS jobs.


The chart below shows the median salary for a US-based professional with AWS certification and one-year of work experience.


Future of AWS Certification

The demand for professionals with knowledge of cloud computing is expected to rise exponentially in 2016, since more and more enterprises are linking the cloud to business priority and bottom lines. To this end, it is imperative that a certification like AWS holds tremendous value in an IT professional’s career growth.

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